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Lawmakers want Trump to Buy American in infrastructure plan


WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) – Some lawmakers say the president’s infrastructure plan does not do enough to create manufacturing jobs.

They say requiring bridges, roads and airports to be made with American materials would create more jobs.

In his inauguration speech, President Donald Trump promised to create jobs and rebuild the economy by rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.

“We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American,” he said.

A year later, the president has released his infrastructure plan, and some lawmakers are asking why it does not require public projects to be built with American materials.

“It absolutely needs ‘Buy American’ provisions,” said Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown.

“It’s a little hard to figure out how they put this plan together. There’s a lot that’s missing in it… Anything that we do that’s intended to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure needs to rely on American productivity, American suppliers,” said Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee.

At a White House meeting this week, Senator Ron Wyden pressed the president on his plan.

“It actually allows the states to walk back from commitments to use American steel,” he said.

The president seemed open to including a “buy America” provision in an infrastructure bill.

“I’m a believer in that also. If you would come back with a suggestion, that’d be great,” he said.

Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn said she’s open to a law that gives American companies the first shot at public projects.

“We’d like to see a rebirth in American manufacturing,” she said.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing goes further. In a statement, it says the president promised to buy American and hire American:

“That promise seems to have disappeared. We hope the White House will swiftly clarify its position on buy America for infrastructure.”


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