Kennel manager says dog population at Mahoning County pound ‘alarming’


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The kennels at the Mahoning County Dog Pound are bursting at the seams with unclaimed and stray dogs.

Volunteer Kim Wagner has her hands full with all the extra animals. She says it’s been a revolving door.

“It just hasn’t stopped. We adopt a few out here, and then twice as many are brought back in,” Wagner said. “Two more dogs were brought in to the Mahoning County pound, and that is making a situation that is already bad, worse.”

Every available cage is being used. Dogs are in the laundry room, outside, everywhere. And they keep coming. Kennel Manager Rick Tunison said they ran out of room last Friday and according to Ohio law, they can’t turn away stray dogs.

“The vans are still out picking up dogs on a daily basis. It is actually getting quite alarming right now,” Tunison said.

Not all of the dogs are homeless. Some have collars and licenses and kennel staff is just waiting for the owners to claim the animals.

Other dogs are looking for new homes. Volunteer Maggie Koval says some people give up on dogs when life gets hard or training too tricky.

“Give them a chance and don’t give up on a dog so quickly. Too many people give up on a dog too quickly,” Koval said.

If you’re not looking to adopt – there are other ways to help. The pound also needs donations of dog food.

The pound is located at 589 Industrial Road in Youngstown.


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