YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The fracking issue on the Youngstown ballot is a costly one.

Records show that the City of Youngstown has spent over $185,000 on anti-fracking measures in the past six years.

Energy In-Depth investigated the cost breakdown of those measures and gave them to WKBN 27 First News Thursday afternoon.

Every time the Community Bill of Rights is put on the ballot, the city must pay the costs with the Board of Elections and the advertising costs associated with informing voters of the issue.

It has failed six times and this seventh attempt will cost upwards of $36,000.

Energy In-Depth said it’s time for taxpayers to know exactly what their money helps fund.

“Knowledge is power and you really have to do your homework and find out what is true and what’s not,” said Jackie Stewart, with Energy In-Depth. “You know, instead of us just saying, ‘Hey, we think this is expensive,’ we went to the source.”

Stewart encourages anyone interested in learning more about the cost breakdown of the frack-free measures to call the Youngstown City Clerk for that information.