JobsNOW: With no previous training required, corrections officers juggle a variety of tasks

The minimum requirements are basic, while the pay and benefits are competitive

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - Civilian corrections officers are the unsung heroes of law enforcement, behind locked doors and never seen.

In Trumbull County, they're not police officers but they do get training at the corrections academy.

"Our corrections officers are not police officers, they're not trained in the police academy although once hired, we will send them to the corrections academy," said Major Dan Mason, Trumbull County Sheriff's Office.

Corrections officers work in numerous areas, whether it be where the inmates are booked and fingerprinted, or watching them as they're moved within the jail or checking on them in the various pods.

The corrections officers work under one theme -- care, custody and control.

"The people that come through here they're in our care while they're in custody, and we're in control," said corrections officer Anthony Zadroski.

The jail is like a city of its own. Corrections officers manage and police what's going on.

Sheila Collins has been a corrections officer for 23 years and finds it a good fit for her role in law enforcement.

"I wanted to actually be an OSP officer, but when I got into corrections I found it to be a whole different world where you actually help people more one-on-one than you would probably in a cruiser," she said.

Corrections officers must be flexible, handling people who show a wide range of emotions.

Other duties include investigations, reports and interviews.

The job is pretty safe, officers work as a team following strict policies and procedures.

The benefits package is strong, along with a uniform allowance and higher pay for second and third shifts.

"Training is paid for. You don't have to have any prior corrections experience. If somebody feels up to the challenge they could put an application in," Mason said.

Trumbull County is looking for a minimum of six civilian corrections officers. The basic requirements are being a U.S. citizen, having a high school diploma or GED and passing a criminal background check.

You can apply in person at the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office at 150 High St. NW, Warren, OH 44481 or online by CLICKING HERE.

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