BEAVER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – Morelli Upholstery is a multi-generation family business. It takes old furniture and makes it new again. And now, Morelli has some vital job openings.

They need someone to cut material, sew and upholster.

The sewer is a vital role at Morelli Upholstery. The work can even be done at home. Morelli is willing to make any connection to get someone who is comfortable sitting behind a machine.

“They will take a roll of fabric, use the patterns from the old furniture, cut the material out and sew it back to new again,” said Ray Morelli.

They are looking for some who knows sewing in general and they will take it from there.

“We can train them on our industrial machines,” Morelli said. “They might have sewn their own drapes or their own slipcovers on their own pillows, and they can just see what’s needs done.”

The work started in Leetonia in 1992 and moved to Beaver Township about 15 years ago.

Morelli Upholstery also needs upholsters who add distinct craftsmanship.

“Almost every job your pick up is different from the last one. So each one is a learning experience,” Morelli said.

You can apply at Morelli Upholstery in person at 9026 South Avenue. Call or text 330-719-9455 or use the landline 330-965-1331. You can also email