NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) – A Valley business puts six to eight trucks on the road every day making deliveries. Sheely’s does a high volume out of a huge warehouse.

Sheely’s is known for having a large selection of furniture and appliances, and each purchase also comes with free delivery. All of those deliveries come from the North Lima warehouse, the part you don’t see when shopping. Sheely’s is hiring delivery drivers and helpers.

“Our deliveries have been very busy for the last three, four, or five years; it’s been very busy. So we just need more people to try to get more furniture out,” said Erv Slabach, the warehouse operations manager.

Sheely’s delivers between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. It needs strong people because many of the items being delivered are heavy. But it also needs team players since each truck goes out with two people.

The deliveries include set-up, so the customer is ready to use it when the delivery is done. And the product is tested before the delivery person leaves.

“We prefer some experience, but it’s not required. We do a pretty good training session with everybody to try to teach them everything that maybe they didn’t know to do the job,” said Slabach.

Sheely’s is a locally owned, family-oriented company. Workers load their own trucks, and the deliveries are grouped in one area. Saturday work is required, Sundays are always off and you get another day off during the week.

The jobs come with a benefits package. Workers can qualify for bonuses based on performance and the number of deliveries.

“So they’re very happy when you show up, they’re happy to see you. It’s definitely a satisfying job once you’re done knowing that you made the customer happy,” said Slabach.

You can apply in person or through Sheely’s website. Ask the company about a sign-on bonus.

Sheely’s also has other positions available, including a cashier, customer service representative and sales associate.