JobsNOW: Potential Development needs more teachers, aides to help more kids


There’s job potential in education. Teachers play an important role in educating children and preparing them for the future.

Potential Development is celebrating 65 years of teaching students with developmental delays.

All teachers are licensed by the state to provide educational services.

“We have special education teachers. We need more and in each classroom, we have at least one educational aide to assist that teacher,” said Human Resources Coordinator Shellie Duchek.

Potential Development has an enrollment of 205 students in preschool through high school. That’s a 44 percent increase in the past year.

The elementary and high schools have a waiting list for students. It can’t open more classrooms until it has a teacher and an aide to work in each classroom.

“Anyone that has a passion for working with students with exceptional needs. Our kids are unique. They love to learn, they love to be here. It’s rewarding if you want a change,” said Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator Carolyn Fernberg.

Each class has a group area and individualized places for students. The small classes allow teachers to get to know the children and work with them more closely than they possibly could in a larger school setting.

“Kids come in, some are having a good day, some are having a bad day and we just try to meet their needs on an individual level,” Fernberg said.

That makes it challenging — but challenge can be good. It’s a special reward helping children with special needs.

“The reward is these kids are just blossoming before your eyes,” Duchek said. “Every time you see a student, there is something new going on and to see them overcome something that might be super hard, it’s life-changing for you and the student.”

Potential Development has four locations in two counties.

You can apply by sending an email to

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