JobsNOW: Pa. Flexospan looking to employ team players


Flexospan Steel Buildings, Inc. manufactures commercial and industrial metal roofing and siding products

SANDY LAKE, Pa. (WKBN) – If you’re a team player, there are new job opportunities in the metal construction industry. It’s at a place that has been in business for over 50 years and specializes in taking on tough and unusual projects.

In Sandy Lake, Pa., Flexospan Steel Buildings, Inc. manufactures commercial and industrial metal roofing and siding products.

One of its designs are visible through the hillsides of West Virginia–a covered hoop over the conveyor belts which carry coal. They keep the dust in and the weather out.

“This was an area that we actually designed, came up with the products and fabricated the products here,” said Scott Nottingham, an engineer at Flexospan.

The company wants to expand its engineering team.

Applicants should have a mechanical background, or be a draftsman, and also ready to think outside of the box for the next project.

“Somebody that’s not just going to sit there and draw and look at it. We want them to have a mind and be able to look at something and say, hey, I have an idea on how to fix that,” Nottingham said.

Flexospan specializes in new buildings or retro-fitting existing buildings that want to improve their space. It uses industrial and commercial grade steel, which can even support cranes.

People call with ideas and Flexospan engineers make it happen.

“So, our engineers and design look at what they want, take it to paper and then it comes into our production facility here where we custom make all of the parts that would go into that structure,” said Tom Hubert who also works at Flexospan.

Flexospan uses American steel and it’s an American company that has been operating in Sandy Lake, Pa. since 1969.

The all-steel framing and sheeting means the structure will last for years.

This position is also perfect for engineers to get requirements to be a P.E.

And every project is different.

“It’s a rewarding position for them because they’re not stuck to a cookie-cutter type of building or parts,” said Hubert. “They say how they want the part made. We mold exactly to our engineers’ specifications.”

Flexospan also has needs to fill in sales, CDL drivers, welders and even general laborers.

To apply, you can send a resume to, call at 724-376-7221 or apply in person.

Flexospan is located on 253 Railroad St. in Sandy Lake, Pa., 16145.

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