WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — There’s a nonprofit in Ohio which helps young adults complete their education and successfully transition to employment. It operates in Trumbull County, and that group is hiring right now.

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates helps people ages 16 to 24 in Trumbull County. It’s a nonprofit with a goal to help them overcome barriers to success.

“And success is their definition, What they want to see for themselves,” said Gina Peplow, with Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates.

Peplow started as career specialist, and that’s what Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates is hiring now in Trumbull County. This full-time job requires a bachelor’s degree and a desire to help.

“We are looking for someone to who knows what the workforce needs in the direct area. Someone who’s not shy about engaging with employers. A cold-call basis, or maybe just a general introduction,” Peplow said.

Employment and career connections are areas where the career specialist can help. But Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates also helps with GEDs, dropout prevention and other barriers.

“Ninety-eight percent of our participants are female, and they all have 1 to 3 children, so we are very familiar with childcare, diaper bags, crib giveaways, car seats, all that good stuff,” Peplow said. “I feel like we’re parents to many, many children, and then their children.”

Many of those people want to work in childcare, so they can get childcare. Others have been asking about healthcare and manufacturing.

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates has helped over 200 people in five years of service around Trumbull County.

“But we need somebody that’s willing to engage with everybody, all walks of life. Somebody’s who’s nonjudgmental, is understanding of challenges,” Peplow said.

The Trumbull County operates out of the Huntington Bank Building in Warren. For more information, call 330-984-4414.