JobsNOW: No experience necessary for career start at North Jackson plant

NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) - Vinyl Profiles in North Jackson has 17 lines. It takes a PVC compound and turns it into vinyl extrusions, primarily for windows and doors.

Packers play an important part in the process.

“Visually inspect the profiles for straightness, smoothness, be able to count how many pieces go into the rack, according to the order,” said Jack Cappabianca, quality and engineer manager.

Vinyl Profiles is a 24/7 shop and is looking for workers - men, women, young, old, there are no limitations. No experience necessary

“We believe that people we train in-house that we implant with our philosophies are going to better fit long-term rather than hiring somebody who comes with high qualifications or doesn’t have the same spirit,” said Walter Stucky, general manager.

Vinyl Profiles has at least 4 U.S. veterans in the shop and some workers who had simply fast-food experience before walking in.

The company produces the best sashes, frames, and vinyl accessories for large-scale window manufacturers to meet their standards.

Vinyl Profiles needs people who are ready to fit in.

“People identify themselves with the goals of the company, address the quality issues, so we can supply the best product possible to our customer’s satisfaction,” Stucky said.

Vinyl Profiles hopes you see the opportunity it's offering - training and a career.  Your willingness, ability, and reliability will determine where you wind up, possibly moving up the ladder to die cleaner or even extrusion operator.

“It could turn into a long-term position where you could raise a family, have a couple of cars, take the kids out to the movies and dinner. We will train you to do the rest,” said Cappabianca.

Vinyl Profiles is even making it easy for you to apply.  Do it in-person at their shop, 11675 Mahoning Ave., North Jackson or on their website.

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