(WKBN) – As ModWash has expanded across the area, it is hiring to round out its teams of workers.

Steve Hatszegi, ModWash’s district manager, said they’re looking for a certain type of individual.

“We strive to be a positive ripple in the community, and we do that not only in our community involvement but also with the people we bring on board,” he said.

Several positions are available at the car wash: guest experience teammates — people to answer questions about which wash to pick or package to buy; people who work the tunnel, overseeing the wash and safety of customers; and teammates in the parking lot to wipe the cars down and make sure customers have enjoyed their experience.

These are positions where workers engage with customers.

“You know, there’s nothing better than getting a review from a customer mentioning your name and saying how great of a job you did and what kind of experience you gave them, right? That makes you feel really good about yourself and what you’ve… provided to the folks around you,” Hatszegi said.

ModWash has full and part-time positions at all seven of its locations in the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys, with two more close to opening.

It runs contests and has commission structures giving incentives to help workers make more money.

Hatszegi said they will review resumes, but it’s also about the energy that the job candidate brings to the table.

“We want you to come to ModWash, and they may be grumpy, haven’t had your coffee yet. You come in and you get a smile and a wave, and you go on your way and in a better mood than you came when you came with,” he said.

ModWash has the equipment to clean cars, inside and out. There’s power in that water spray, which removes the deep dirt. But those at the company also looking for the right people to make the operation shine.

“It’s the most important thing right now to us, is that not only the positive for our customers, but positive for the people that work here, or we try to keep that upbeat, fun environment. Same time, we want to make sure we have accountability to get the job done properly,” Hatszegi said.

Workers do get a free car wash.

Job applicants can apply through the ModWash app or website. For more information, contact GuestAdvocate@ModWash.com.