JobsNOW: New Poland business looks to add workers

The small business in Poland just opened and is already expanding

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) - There are many places to find job listings, but JobsNOW shows you positions that are open and ready to hire.

Here’s one you may have missed. It's for a small Poland company that just started and is already looking to expand.

Micheline Thompson started MishMoccs in June. She sews together moccasins and started with no experience.

“I’ve never sewn a thing in my life. I never knew how to operate a sewing machine,” Thompson said. “In November, I went to Chicago to attend a design school.”

That training followed a 30-year corporate career. Now, Thompson runs MishMoccs out of her basement and has help from two veterans. Mike handles the die press, which cuts the American-made leather, and Chad can sew or stamp the customized attachments.

Thompson wants to find more help because her business is growing.

“We need somebody who is willing to work hard and be patient because learning something new requires patience,” Thompson said.

Ten pieces of leather are sewn together by the same thread used on saddles. It takes 20 minutes to stitch together something amazing and the sizes keep getting bigger.

If you have experience with leather, great, but if you're just ready to work, Micheline might be able to help.

“It is hard to learn, be shown a new way of doing things. Half of the time, if you come in and you don’t know anything it is easier to train somebody who just comes in and doesn’t have past experience,” Thompson said.

The MishMoccs idea came from a traveling exhibit and wanting to make baby shoes out of military boots. It morphed into making tiny moccasins and sandals with proceeds going to assist disabled veterans.

You can apply to MishMoccs by sending Thompson an email at or a direct message @mishmoccs on Instagram.

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