CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – There are many areas of study at the Mahoning Career and Technical Center. One of them is preparing students to work in construction, and it’s going to need a new instructor.

MCCTC students are on break, but normally, the Building Construction & Remodeling area of instruction is still busy. It’s had two instructors in the school’s 50 years, including Dave Smith, who’s retiring after 36 years.

“Well, we’re looking for someone out of the trades,” said MCCTC Superintendent John Zehentbauer. “Basically, they need two years recently of experience, which means full-time experience working in the field of construction, remodeling, maintenance, carpentry, or any one of the other areas, and five years total in the field.”

There is demand for people in construction, and the program is fully enrolled with 24 juniors and 24 seniors. The instructor leads the training which will develop classes and programs to teach the students.

“They really need to be a self-starter and a person that works fairly independently, believe it or not, because they are going to be the expert. It’s almost like being self-employed. They’re going to have a program where they have a group of students and they’re going to use their expertise to teach them that,” said Zehentbauer.

MCCTC realizes someone may be looking to share their knowledge in the field, and someone else may be wondering if it’s a good fit for them. It encourages those to apply, at least see if it’s a fit, and consider if they have a passion for the position.

MCCTC is taking applications right now. The position starts in August.

If you’re interested, email a cover letter, resume and references to John Zehentbauer at