NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – Not all schools have started back. One of the three districts in Mahoning County still waiting to start class is Jackson-Milton. It has some open positions for the school year.

Jackson-Milton has immediate openings, and one of the most important is in the cafeteria. A cook is being hired for the elementary school. The position is from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on school days.

“So they gotta come in and do all the prep work for lunch and help get it ready to serve the kids. Then after that, it’s just going to clean up, put stuff in the dishwasher, with counters and stuff like that. We need that quick,” said Superintendent Kirk Baker.

The only qualification is that the person needs a high school diploma. They would have to pass background checks too. From there, the school district can do the rest.

“We have government guidelines we have to follow. We have somebody that will train them too, so when they come in they’ll get trained and get them started,” Baker said.

Jackson-Milton starts school on Sept. 7. It’s a district of about 850 students.

It is also hiring cleaners. Some work is done by hand, but a big portion is done with the help of a machine.

“So they’ll come in and everything they’re cleaning is mostly used with a sprayer now. You spray down the desks, you spray down the walls in the restrooms and it’s mostly cleaning, emptying a couple garbage cans,” Baker said.

The position is just three and a half hours a day, and workers only need a high school diploma, plus pass the appropriate background checks. The benefit of the position is that a worker can set their own hours — they just need to finish before school starts the next day.

“They can come in at four in the afternoon or they can come in at seven at night. They can come in at nine o’clock at night. We just want it cleaned and they can do their three and a half hours before the morning,” Baker said.

You can apply in person or through the Jackson-Milton Local School District’s website for either of those positions, or you can fill out an application at the school. Click here for the employment application.

Jackson-Milton also needs substitute teachers, who earn $100 a day. Plus, substitute bus drivers and a lunch/recess aide.