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SenSource is looking for a junior software developer and a marketing director

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – New technology jobs are available in the Mahoning Valley, and JobsNow is ready to share the connection. If you have the skills, they could be used right here.

SenSource is a technology company which helps companies get a better insight to their businesses. For example, the company can collect data with sensors that count people, identifying men and women and differentiating adults from children based on height.

“That paints a good picture of the number of good opportunities that walk in and out of the store,” said Sales Manager Dan Aluise.

The information can help retail increase dollars per head. The data collection is also used by churches, libraries and even amusement parks to measure wait times for rides.

“It’s basically for them to get a good insight of how they’re doing in the rear-view mirror but also gives them knowledge to make changes going forward to increase certain metrics,” said Aluise.

SenSource provides accurate traffic data, and it leads to providing 95 measuring points that can be analyzed.

Those come from software developers who write code.

SenSource needs an entry level junior software developer and is looking to attract local talent.

“Someone who knows a little bit about Java Script. We can teach most of the other stuff. What we’re doing is cutting edge, so a lot of people haven’t learned it even in school,” said Software Engineer Jeremy Forsythe.

The code writing would help SenSource develop its analytics platform and help companies use the data correctly.

SenSource has been around since 2002 and has 23 employees.

It also has over 2,000 clients and the sensors gather data in more than 10,000 locations.

SenSource also needs a marketing director to help raise brand awareness in normal print like brochures and other literature.

Plus, in organic and paid search and even trade show management.

“We’re behind the scenes in what we’re doing in providing the data on the traffic that’s coming into these facilities, so the end user isn’t really promoting SenSource. We’re something that’s going on behind the scenes,” said Marketing Coordinator Jessica Lipply.

SenSource has businesses in all 50 states and 44 countries.

In addition to the junior software developer and marketing director, SenSource also anticipates hiring soon for tech support, people to answer the phones and help customers troubleshoot.

You can apply in-person at SenSource on 3890 Oakwood Ave. in Youngstown, or you can apply online on its website.

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