(WKBN) – “Help wanted” and “now hiring” signs continue to be everywhere, but some places are having difficulty finding people to apply, let alone anyone to hire. The food industry is one of those. Today for JobsNOW, we talked with a group of restaurant owners about the situation who want people to understand the opportunity.

Part of the restaurant industry is sizzling. Lindsey was frying up some burgers on Tuesday. Line cooks are in heavy demand to cook up the food that we all love to eat.

“My front of the house is covered, bartender is covered. I can’t find people to work in the kitchen, and I think most of us are feeling it that way too,” said Mark Fusillo, owner of Fusillo Catering.

We talked with the owners of four restaurants about the employment situation and the challenges they’re facing looking for workers.

“It’s extremely frustrating. I think we’re all paying more and working more than ever before,” said Jason Sharpe, owner of Shaker’s Bar and Grill.

The owners all said it’s hard finding people.

Riser Tavern on the Links just opened a second location in Columbiana, but its restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday. A food truck outside is available instead.

Some restaurants have made similar operation changes while dealing with crew shortages. Each restaurant also wanted people to understand that the opportunity has never been greater.

“We pay well. We pay really well for management too, really well for just the line cooks. We’re hopeful they’ll see this and want to come get a great opportunity,” said Lisa Lorelli, owner of Riser Tavern on the Links.

All of the restaurants are stressed and stretched to the limit on staff. Plus, they’re dealing with higher prices for things like chicken wings, fryer grease and even rubber gloves.

“When you couple that with a major labor shortage, I feel you plug one hole and find another somewhere else,” said Ryan Kelly, owner of Belleria Pizza in Columbiana.

They all want to see signs of hope and believe it could be coming. They just want it to be sooner, rather than later.

“Make sure that we continue to create a good atmosphere so when people do come to work, they understand the value of what we’re offering,” Kelly said.

All four restaurant owners said they’re hiring. They also explained the incentives they’re using to encourage their current employees through this situation and said they will continue to develop incentives until the hiring problem relaxes.

Get in touch with the restaurants below for hiring opportunities.

Shaker’s Bar and Grill
4520 Belmont Ave. #1010, Youngstown, OH 44505

Fusillo Catering, Inc.
343 Via Mt. Carmel Ave., Youngstown, OH 44505

Riser Tavern on the Links
105 St. Andrews Dr., Columbiana, OH 44408

Belleria Pizza – Columbiana
258 State Rt. 14, Columbiana, OH 44408