YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people have enjoyed the option of working from home. It’s quicker, simpler, and let’s face it – more enjoyable. One company wants to expand its operation in the Valley and will do it this way.

Rea & Associates is adopting a remote workforce.

“What we are trying to do is figure out if we can find talent that’s in the Valley. Keep it in the Valley, let it work kind of remotely here and address a lot of those pipelines,” said Paul Hugenberg, III, principal, director of governance, risk management and compliance services.

Rea specializes in accounting and taxes but also provides cybersecurity and information services. The demand for them has become so important because all businesses operate with technology.

“There isn’t something that can happen to a company today, outside of like, your plants flattened by a tornado that is going to disrupt you and put you out of business faster than security,” Hugenberg said.

Hugenberg runs the cyber services for Rea. He’s looking for three levels of cybersecurity talent:

  • Security analyst – watch and see if a business might be getting hacked
  • Solutions architect – experience helping customers design solutions that fit their needs
  • Fractional chief information officers – have direct conversations about what companies need, implement it and then manage it for the client

The goal is to help companies feel safer about technology, avoiding threats and risks that could put them in a bad position.

“We’re are not just telling you you need stronger passwords, you need to upgrade this piece of software/hardware, what we’re doing is trying to figure out how technology makes your business work,” Hugenberg said.

Rea gets insight from people on the financial and operational side, which is a tremendous pipeline to help provide security. It’s looking to harvest local talent and mesh them into the company.

“There’s definitely a lot of people that know a lot about computers that maybe kind of just did it on their own, spun up a shingle or just as a hobby. We’d love to talk to them,” Hugenberg said.

The best way to apply for these remote positions with Rea & Associates is online or call Paul Hugenberg, III at 330-651-7040.