AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A private practice is looking for thoughtful, talented speech-language pathologists. It wants to provide more individualized care, and it has another reason for hiring, too.

Maura Ambrose has a close relationship with Willy Thomas. She helps the boy with speech and language. She says there’s a huge need for more therapists, as some families are often put on waiting lists.

“And so that’s a big part of the reason why I opened my practice, because I really want to be able to get families in for therapy when they need it, and you know, work on the things that children need to work on,” Ambrose said.

Ambrose was running Ignite Pediatric out of her home, but now she has an office in Austintown. She wants to serve more families, but her family is growing.

“I’m expecting a baby this summer, so I’m looking forward to continuing therapy for my current patients and then also expanding as I return in the early fall,” she said.

Ambrose is hiring a licensed speech-language pathologist to work with children like Willy and his mother Tammy. Ignite Pediatric primarily services children up to six years old. Ambrose envisions someone who’s familiar with that age group, a go-getter and who welcomes some flexibility with the position.

“So it’s not one of those jobs where you have to come in at a specific time and leave at a specific time. It’s really just based on the patients that you have scheduled and what you’ve arranged with the families that you’re working with,” she said.

Ambrose wants a speech-language pathologist who aligns with her mission, to be a coach and a teacher, and treat each family with an individual strategy.

“So someone who really takes that extra step and goes that extra mile to make that difference for that family,” she said.

Ambrose is anxious to talk if you’re a licensed speech-language pathologist because she’s due to deliver in a few weeks.

To apply, email Ambrose at

You can find more information on Ignite Pediatric’s website.

Ignite Pediatric is located at 110 Javit Ct., Suite A, in Austintown.