HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Ellwood Aluminum hired 60 people last year when it was offering a $4,000 signing bonus. We featured the entry-level workers it was hiring. Now, they are hiring again for workers with different skill sets.

Ellwood Aluminum makes billets and slabs which are sent out and turned into something else.
Mainly products used in trucks, and trailers, but also the semiconductor industry and now planes.

“It’s cool in everyday life to see our product out in the real world, and it creates just a sense of pride in your work,” said Steve Page, general manager.

Ellwood is focusing on finding skilled manufacturing workers, including furnace operators.
Having experience operating a front-end loader would be beneficial. Any heavy equipment experience would be a plus.

“The furnace operators are responsible for grabbing the appropriate scrap depending on the chemistry and then loading it into our furnace and then monitoring that furnace throughout the complete cycle,” Page said.

The furnace heats aluminum up to 1,400 degrees before pouring it out. Ellwood sells a lot of products that go into the forging business, and as it prepares the billets and slabs, some must be a specific diameter. That’s where workers like Adam Nichols shine. He’s a lathe operator who turns down the surface, making it customer ready.

“We really just need general lathe operators both manual and CNC operated lathes to just turn down the surface to a pristine condition,” Page said.

A machinist certification is a plus but not a necessity. Ellwood is looking for anyone capable of coming in and running the equipment.

Ellwood Aluminum is big on a family, team culture. Competitive wages and benefits come with the job, and it’s still offering a $2,500 bonus. It’s a young company. Construction was completed in 2020 on the facility, and there’s room to grow.

“We’ve had multiple people get promoted to shipping managers, scrapped coordinators, crew lead supervisor so there is a lot of upward mobility in this company,” Page said.

Ellwood Aluminum is in Hubbard. It’s a division of the Ellwood Group, but all of these jobs are in Hubbard.

You can apply right on the Ellwood Aluminum website and even see its other available positions.