JobsNow: Heating and cooling service technicians are busy all year


There is a high demand for people with experience in installation, ductwork, gas lines and wiring and venting furnaces

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – In a world where few people make house calls in the middle of the night anymore, the heating and cooling worker still does. Trade schools can’t keep up with the demand for these jobs, which are red-hot and never cool off.

The heating and cooling service technician is an important job. We notice them when seasons change and equipment needs to be serviced.

Central Heating & Cooling techs have to know their stuff.

“They would work on furnaces, residential furnaces, air conditioners, some ventilation, some light commercial but they’re interfacing with customers every day, walking into their homes, trying to solve their problems,” said owner Joe Del Fraino.

Those problems are important, whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall. The service tech makes your priority their top priority, too.

“Understanding and listening to the customers is the first part of that,” Del Fraino said. “Even though customers don’t understand their equipment, there is something that they can tell you when it’s not working.”

Service techs at Central Heating & Cooling have a computer that can help them know the equipment their customers have before they arrive.

Central Heating & Cooling is also in need of residential installers.

“Everything from fabricating and installing sheet metal, ductwork, gas lines, wiring furnaces, venting furnaces — there’s a lot to it,” Del Fraino said.

Both jobs offer the satisfaction of providing services to people and solving their problems.

Heating and cooling jobs keep you busy all year long, wages and benefits are competitive and there’s long-term ability with no threat of layoffs.

Openings are also available for anyone who may have left the industry looking for greener pastures but is ready to return.

“I think sometimes we get hung up on computers and we’ve lost some really good people,” Del Fraino said. “I’d love to see them back in the field.”

Central Heating & Cooling is taking applications in person at its location at 5626 South Ave., Boardman. You can also fill out an application online.

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