JobsNOW: Flynn's Tire employees say there's lots of opportunity to move up

Locally, there are Flynn's Tires in Austintown and Boardman

(WKBN) - Your car is important. When something goes wrong, it should be fixed quickly and Flynn's Tire can help.

The business is hiring more workers -- sales associates to sell tires and workers in the shop, among other positions.

The tire tech position is entry-level.

"In our service department, tire technicians would be doing oil changes, tire work," regional manager Alan Griffiths said. "It's an entry-level position so they can start to learn the craft."

The tire tech is even eligible for bonuses to earn more money. It's exactly how Mackenzie Aurandt started.

"I came in with no experience," he said. "I've worked at home on my own cars but that's basically it."

Aurandt has already advanced and is now a light maintenance tech doing some wheel alignments.

Flynn's has master certified technicians in many of its 29 stores across three states. Aurandt has used them for his promotion and knows it's a good corporate philosophy.

"It's not intimidating. If you don't know anything, we'll teach you. If you already know a little something about mechanical work or you've been a lube tech or tire tech, you'll go faster in the company," he said.

The auto business is pretty stable. People have cars, love cars and need their cars.

Flynn's is a third generation family business. Locally, it has locations in Austintown and Boardman.

A manager of one of its stores started with Flynn's in high school as a part-time tech and worked his way through college.

"We have a lot of people that start here at an entry-level position who are now store managers, service managers and there's a lot of potential to move up in the company," Griffiths said.

Flynn's is looking for workers at its warehouses and loading and unloading trucks. It's also hiring truck drivers and people for its on-the-road truck tire service.

To see all of the available positions, visit Flynn's Tire's website.

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