JobsNow: Coach bus drivers travel in style


The J&W Crown Coachline job comes with perks

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you like people and driving, there’s a special job opportunity for you in Youngstown.

J&W Crown Coachline is looking for a few good drivers. The busing company is expanding and looking to hire at least six experienced CDL drivers.

“All types of travel. We do casino trips, we do schools, YSU, Ursuline, Mooney,” owner Jesse Hardin said.

It also does a steady business of tours and weddings. Many wedding parties are now booking buses to carry guests from their hotels to the reception and back.

The number one requirement? You must be a safe driver with at least two years of CDL experience.

“You can’t have accidents. When you have a CDL license, you are supposed to be the cream of the crop of the drivers,” Hardin said.

That also means no speeding tickets of more than 15 miles per hour over the limit.

For those who have the right license and driving record, there’s another requirement.

“They enjoy driving, they enjoy people. They have to be a people person,” Hardin said.

There are perks. Drivers get free trips to places like Cedar Point, New York City and even farther. There are also local trips and flexible schedules for employees.

If you’re hired, you are held to a high standard of service.

“They definitely have to be a good driver and they also have to be courteous because that’s our motto — ‘You get the royal treatment when you travel with Crown,'” Hardin said.

If you want to apply, call 330-744-7952 first to get pre-screened. You can also email your resume to

Drivers must have a CDL Class B license or the correct passenger endorsements.

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