JobsNOW: Clear Skies Ahead creates rewarding career

A company in Niles is focused on helping people with developmental disabilities

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) - A company in Niles is focused on helping people with developmental disabilities become more self-sufficient, and they are looking for help. It’s a rewarding job that comes with a sense of accomplishment.

Jeff Hovis is a direct care staffer at Clear Skies Ahead. Today, he was working with Jason.  Jeff's goal is helping Jason become more independent.

A direct care staffer works with children or adults – anyone whose development was affected before the age of 22. It has nothing to do with IQ.

“He is aware that there are good people out there that want to spend time with him,” Hovis said.

The caregivers and clients get together approximately three times a week for in-home events or outside the home.

“We’ve actually had an engineer. We had a research physicist who did this on the weekends. It is somebody who just really wants to work with people and really enjoys spending time with people, and that is really all it takes,” said Cathy Brooks, administrator of Clear Skies Ahead.

Skills amongst the developmentally disabled have different ranges.  They may need help with eating or could be more independent and just need help getting out in the community.

Clear Skies Ahead is looking for direct care staff and a site supervisor. The supervisor is someone who monitors 20-30 employees and makes sure clients are being helped. They even help write the plans. Both jobs can be extremely rewarding.

“To see somebody really have a struggling time in their life and then come to a point where they are so much more independent and doing things on their own; It is really nice to know you had a part in doing that,” Brooks said.

Clear Skies Ahead has locations in Trumbull and Geauga counties. Employees can choose where they work.

The best way is to apply is in person at Clear Skies Ahead, 337 Vienna Ave., Niles. For more information call (330) 349-2690.

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