YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a big hiring event next week in Youngstown hosted by the city. It’s put together by Youngstown Works, which wants to help job seekers find an opportunity.

The event will help job seekers find work in technology, health care, the service industry, and even manufacturing.

Billy Conn remembers starting at Brilex five years ago. He learned that machinists were problem solvers, and he was hooked. He was really interested in making a decent living without going to college.

“The pay was really good at the time being that I didn’t have any schooling past a high school diploma,” he said.

Brilex is a build-to-print manufacturer. Conn has helped make things for famous stadiums, and he’s been to see those pieces in place and in action. He sees room for advancement, too.

“I’d love to work in the management system. I think this place has a lot of opportunity for that,” Conn said.

Conn starts some management training later in the week. It’s the type of opportunity Youngstown Works wants to spotlight at its hiring event October 4.

“So, anybody who is looking for work, this is the place to come,” said Gerri Jenkins with Youngstown Works.

Youngstown Works is supported by the city to connect people with work; 250 people showed up for its first hiring event in March.

“It can be the first job, it can be the 10th job. So it’s for anybody who has skills and wants to work,” Jenkins said.

Taylor-Winfield is participating, too. It makes the production machines that make the end products. Ben Gear has been a test and service engineer for three years after his previous employer laid him off.

“So this gave me that opportunity to come in. Look at brand new machinery, troubleshoot it get it run out, and then take it to the field and install for customers,” Gear said.

Gear was working on a robot that will eventually be welding for a hydrogen fuel cell. He encourages workers to check out the hiring event. It just might lead to finding a job you truly love.

“Come out and check it out. You know, there’s a lot of interesting things, a lot of new innovations here. Integrating stuff that we’re doing a really neat industry, a lot of cool stuff to see,” Gear said.

The Youngstown Works hiring event is next Tuesday, Oct. 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Stambaugh Auditorium. It’s your chance to meet with 40 companies who are hiring. You can RSVP for the event online.