YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown and Mahoning County have a robust library system. Right now, they have openings.

Libraries have been around Youngstown since 1880. There are now 15 branches. Marnie Alvarez started as a clerk 10 years ago.

“I wanted to work at the library because I loved it, and I wanted others to love it as much as I did,” she said.

Now, Alvarez is a family engagement supervisor. We watched Tuesday as she helped 3-year-old Ella with a picture book at the main branch in Youngstown.

Big changes are happening at the main library. The new wing should open in June. Right now, it’s hiring librarians and assistants.

“A librarian is an information professional who helps people find the answer. We don’t have all the answers, but we can help you find them,” said Chief Experience Officer Erin Phemester.

That can include help finding a book or a community expert to talk to people about certain things. The library also needs clerks.

‘Without our clerical staff, you wouldn’t be able to find anything on our shelves, so they’re vital to making sure the information is where we say it’s going to be and you’re able to find it and get it when you need it,” Phemester said.

Librarians, assistants and clerks interact with people every day. It could be teaching people how to sew, helping them write a resume, or even learning how to start a podcast.

“Explore it if you love libraries. Explore it if you are interested in learning more and in public service and if you’re interested in helping families find the resources to thrive and succeed,” Alvarez said.

That’s the team approach. Libraries fuel our imaginations and help us develop ourselves, whether it be through a book or a program on a computer. Working at the library can be a rewarding career.

“Librarians and clerks are people who help, so if you are somebody who likes to help others, the library is a place for you. Also, it doesn’t hurt you can borrow any book you’d like while you’re here,” Phemester said.

The library is also hiring a computer support tech to serve the IT needs across the library system.

You can find out more about library jobs and apply online at