JobsNOW: Boardman opportunity requires willingness to learn


JobsNOW helped people get hired making envelopes in Columbiana. Now, opportunities related to stuffing those envelopes are open at E1 Digital Direct in Boardman.

The first job is a feeder. Feeders put inserts into envelopes and prepare them for mailing. The position is entry level, but after that, the sky is the limit at the company.

“We look to bring people in, not just to maintain them at a certain position, but to bring them up and grow them into this business,” said Operations Manager Richard Ariaiza.

E1 folds material down to be put in the envelope and can even attach a card. It can do work for a mortgage company, a top retailer, even a security specialist. E1 can handle 20 million pieces a month.

“We have to have these things sorted in a certain manner. The post office gets it, and it is a lot easier for them to process on their end and get to the right facility and then in the right hands of the people,” Araiza said.

 E1’s digital platform is efficient and flexible. Workers are on the job from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. You’ll need to pass a drug test and background check. No cell phones are allowed on the job because of security.

The entry-level position can lead to big things, especially for those who have initiative.

“We look forward to seeing people who are wanting to work, but once the work slows down the ability to pick up a rag and bottle and clean the machinery and take pride in your area,” Araiza said.

The main qualification is having the ability to learn and wanting to work.  You can apply in person at E1 Digital Direct, 491 McClurg Rd., Boardman.

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