YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The auto industry has been fluctuating for over a year, but the need for workers continues.

The Apostolakis Auto Group is hiring workers for its prep team, which is responsible for everything other than selling the car or fixing it.

“An ideal candidate for someone in the prep department is just someone who wants to be around cars. We work on everything, sell everything, Honda, non-Honda, so to be around brand new cars,” said Mike Klamar, service manager for Apostolakis Auto Group.

You don’t just get to clean them. You get to drive them, too. The main qualification is having a good work ethic. The rest is up to you. Many people start with the prep team and prove themselves to move up.

“To be around brand new cars, used cars, and a lot of the nice cars we have, you get the ability to clean them, drive them and make them stand tall,” Klamar said.

The Apostolakis Auto Group also needs technicians for its locations in Hermitage and Cortland. It will hire a newly graduated technician, one who’s been working in another garage or who has dealership experience.

“Trying to get the cars right the first time, having the customers taken care of, making sure that the cars are fixed, diagnosing the right problem, ordering the right parts, it’s huge,” Klamar said.

Technicians can have a variety of skill levels, and all are welcome for these positions. There’s even the ability to match your skills with what the group has to offer.

“If we do find the right individual and they don’t have any Honda background or dealership background, but they have the ability and the capability to learn, of course, we do in-house training,” Klamar said.

Bonuses are available for both positions, from $1,200 up to $5,000 depending on the experience you bring.

Apostolakis Honda in Cortland also needs an assistant parts manager.

You can apply online at or in Pennsylvania at