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AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – An Austintown insurance agency has been in business for a long time. It’s hiring for a critical position right now, which is the first step to helping them get insurance coverage.

Debbie has been answering the phone for 30 years at General Insurance, but she’s retiring soon. So a new customer service rep is being hired.

“Normally, they will get questions of, ‘I have a car change. I’m at the dealership. I need an ID card.’ They’ll process home changes. They’ll take information for quotes,” said Randy Bokesch, owner of the agency.

General Insurance has four phone lines. The next representative needs to be comfortable on the phone. The company serves 2,000 policyholders. The customer service rep must have attention to detail.

“Because the detail is through the roof here. You have to. I mean if you just get through the list of coverages that you have for homeowners, it’s two pages long,” Bokesch said.

Bokesch is celebrating 45 years with General Insurance in May. It services five companies. The customer service rep will help people who want to make payments or help them get information about home, auto, life and flood insurance.

“All the detail that I have to address with the customer on the insurance part of it, they end up assembling essentially. That’s what a customer service rep does. They service the customers directly and through me,” Bokesch said.

It’s a critical behind-the-scenes position, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with a paid lunch. The customer service rep can earn extra money if they refer a new client.

“The detail is the critical part. Because there’s just you know, somebody calls up to make a car change, you just put liability. They have an accident tomorrow and there’s no collision. It’s got a problem,” Bokesch said.

General Insurance is hiring one full-time and one part-time person. If you’re interested, send them a resume at generalia@aol.com