(WKBN) – Businesses want to thrive, and the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber helps them be successful. It’s looking for two key members of its team, which is the focus of tonight’s JobsNOW.

As the Chamber grows with more initiatives, the demand on the marketing side has grown tremendously. It’s bringing in a second marketing and graphics specialist who will help design everything the Chamber prints or sends electronically. Plus, they’ll help run the website, electronic communications and social media.

“We want that creativity. We want something new, something different, something more than we’re doing today. So having two people on staff helps us be able to achieve more,” said the Chamber’s Kim Calvert.

A person with a degree in marketing or a related field is desired, plus five years of experience. The goal is to expand the Chamber’s reach with its message about the positives in this area.

“It allows us to be able to promote what the Chamber is doing, what our community’s doing and have a much further reaching impact,” Calvert said.

The Chamber is also hiring an events manager who will produce more than 100 events a year, from beginning to end. The events range from mixers to the annual Salute to Business. The events manager controls each one.

“With that position, that’s everything from creating the budget for all those events, planning out the calendar, choosing the dates, the venues, all of the details that come along with any one of those events,” Calvert said.

Qualifications include three to five years of event experience and a degree in hospitality, business marketing or a related field. The person is welcome to bring new ideas.

“Sometimes we can’t get out of what we know from day to day, from year to year. So having a different perspective, a little more creativity, the events and how we might be able to change them around is very welcome,” Calvert said.

Both of these positions come back to business, education and networking. They help promote the region and tell people what’s good.

“But yes, as we are growing, having these key staff will have a tremendous impact both at the Chamber and in our community,” Calvert said.

You can apply by emailing a resume to kim@regionalchamber.com. You can read the job posts on the Regional Chamber’s website.