(WKBN) – The need for behavioral and mental health counselors is expected to grow over 20% this decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. More people choosing to get counseling, treatment and support services means a need for counselors. Tonight, JobsNow shares an opportunity in the field right now.

Dr. Justin Shelton is a licensed psychologist. He runs Shelton Behavioral Health with his wife. They want the agency to develop and help meet more needs of the community.

“We have an abundance of need in the community. So we have an influx of patients looking to be seen,” Dr. Shelton said.

Over 70 patients a week are being seen right now, but the agency also has a waiting list. So, Shelton Behavioral Health is hiring independently licensed clinicians.

“They’ll see individuals, families, couples, do some psychological testing. Anything that the therapist is credentialed and licensed to do, we want to encourage they do here,” Dr. Shelton said.

The clinicians need to be independently licensed and be licensed to see patients and bill insurance or private pay. They’ll also have some leeway in the organization.

“But we want to encourage them if they have an expertise in a specific area. We want to encourage and help them sort of develop that within the agency as well,” Dr. Shelton said.

Shelton Behavioral Health is also looking for a postdoc fellow to join the team, which will provide them with the training necessary to reach their next level of licensure, and hopefully join the team going forward.

“So we’re looking for clinicians that want to be a part of our team and have a really collaborative sort of environment but also develop their own private practice within our agency,” Dr. Shelton said.

Shelton Behavioral Health is along Niles-Cortland Road, close to the Eastwood Mall.

To apply, email a resume to jsheltonsbh@gmail.com or kshelton1128@gmail.com.