JobsNOW: A career in steelmaking begins from the bottom


Ellwood Quality Steels (EQS) is looking for entry-level workers, and the jobs pay well. It’s in steelmaking casting, so it’s hard work, but there are few qualifications with an opportunity to learn.

The Ellwood Group was founded in 1910.  In 1988, it added Ellwood Quality Steels to sell ingots. Right now, it’s hiring entry-level production workers.

The positions are called bottom-pour workers. They set up the molds and help in the steel pouring.

“Bottom pour labor is a lot of lifting, squatting, carrying material to sprue plates, setting up sprue plates so can pour steel into them,” Ben Russo, supervisor. 

Workers need to be able to lift 55 pounds. They’ll set up molds at ground levels and at heights. Plus, assist with crank hookups and assist the steel pourer during the pouring of molten steel.  It’s obviously a hot environment.

“We can teach you how to do what needs to be done. We just need someone who has that will, has it in their heart to be a good worker,” Russo said.

 EQS uses an arc furnace, which utilizes as much electricity as 45,000 homes to generate heat as hot as the sun to melt scrap steel.

The molten steel is nearly 3,000 degrees when it’s poured into trumpets and filling molds from the bottom, hence the term bottom-pour. They make ingots which get turned into many products.

“We are installing the latest technologies in melting steel that will allow us to be the most state of the art facility anywhere in the world. We will be producing aerospace alloys, products for the defense industry, products for the oil and gas industry, power generation,” said Mike Morgus, president of Ellwood Quality Steels.

EQS is in the middle of a$65 million expansion, which is why it needs 25 entry-level workers. The company pays well and provides benefits. It just needs a hard worker.

“We are safety focused; we are environmentally conscious, and we produce the highest quality of steel in the world and we need our people to let that happen,” Morgus said.

More of what you’ll do includes:

  • Set up molds at ground level and at heights.
  • Perform minor repairs and cleaning of hardware.
  • Assist with crane hookups.
  • Assist the Steel pourer during pouring of molten steel.
  • Create teeming records.
  • Clean out pits.
  • General department clean up.

EQS is holding a job fair Saturday, June 2 from 9 a.m. to noon at Elwood Quality Steels, 700 Moravia St., New Castle. Applications will also be accepted online.  Applicants must be able to work rotating shifts and weekend. Workers must also be work at heights and in extreme heat.  

Average wages and benefits are about $70,000 per year, according to the company. 

EQS is also interested in technical people with backgrounds in engineering, electronics, and mechanical maintenance

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