JobsNOW: Kinsman inn looking for innkeeper's assistant

The Peter Allen Inn was built in 1821 and will be adding two rooms next year

KINSMAN, Ohio (WKBN) - There's plenty of pride at the Peter Allen Inn, a three-room inn available year-round in Kinsman.

Kari White-Peska has been the innkeeper there for over a year.

There are no living arrangements here like the innkeeper used to have. It's just taking care of guests and making their stay special.

"You want them to feel comfortable the whole time they're here, and you just want to make sure that they're welcomed when they come," said White-Peska. 

The Peter Allen Inn is looking for an innkeeper's assistant.

The ideal candidate would be someone who recognizes the pride and dedication that it takes to work at such a historic place, according to General Manager Katie Dodd. 

"We're looking for somebody that does appreciate the history of the house, that has a passion to learn about it because part of giving the tour is explaining why the house is important," Dodd said. 

The house was built in 1821. It will be adding two rooms next year.

Managers say living close to Kinsman is a plus, but it's even better to be someone who wants to take care of every visitor.

"If you see something around the house that looks out of place, if a pillow needs to be fluffed, you're going to need to be that person that goes and fluffs or fixes a teacup," White-Peska said. "Major little details are going to help this person." 

The assistant's role should expand, too, in the near future. The inn hosts numerous events, and it continues to grow in popularity.

It's a job looking for just the right person.

"Whoever comes here, they need to know where they're working and want to provide the service that's excellent and top shelf," White-Peska said. 

The Peter Allen Inn is also looking for bartenders, servers, event staff and kitchen help.

You can apply for any of these positions in person at the Peter Allen Inn, located at 8581 State St. in Kinsman, Ohio, or send an email through the Peter Allen Inn's website at


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