Job seekers find new work in Pennsylvania thanks to WKBN’s JobsNOW segment


One person got hired through information seen in a JobsNOW story, just as they were ready for a change

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WKBN) – JobsNOW had another successful year helping people find jobs. One story in particular aired at just the right time.

Berner International makes air curtains that shoot air, which then splits at the floor. It’s an environmental separator to keep warm air away from cold air.

Berner is a growing company with a growing workforce.

When our story aired back in January, work at Reznor was winding down. JR Ryder remembers seeing the story and sharing it with his co-workers.

“I come across the 27 news at work and I showed my fellow employees. I said maybe we should apply there, might be a good fit for us, which I wanted to find a job close to home. I didn’t want to travel, didn’t want to move,” Ryder said.

Reznor is 20 minutes away from Berner.

Ryder felt his skills would be a perfect fit, and they were. Berner ended up hiring five Reznor workers who would’ve otherwise been out of work.

“We can’t just go out and find somebody that knows how to build an air curtain. Fortunately, they had some light skills that they were able to jump into our jobs and come up to speed a little quicker,” said Joe Miller of Berner International.

Bobbi Alexia had a friend who had seen the JobsNOW story and told her about it. She had spent 23 years making equipment for line workers but was ready for a change.

“It sounded like a good place to apply and I applied immediately,” Alexia said.

Alexia got hired as a lightweight assembler. She puts together air curtains that get shipped around the world.

Her skills and those of the former Reznor workers have been a perfect fit, and officials at Berner say they’ve fit into their work culture too.

The group of new hires is glad that WKBN shared the news that Berner was hiring.

“It’s been going pretty good. Within a day or so I was catching on to everything and moving along with everything,” Alexia said.

“I’m happy to have a job and it is a great fit — family-owned business, which is great. They’re constantly designing new products here. Every day I learn something new,” Ryder said.

Ryder also said that the line from January’s story, “The company offers a benefits package you have to hear about to believe,” is actually true.

Berner has a busy 12-month long season and is still hiring. It has openings in shipping and for a powder coater.

Job seekers can apply in person at 111 Progress Ave., New Castle.

Applications can also be downloaded online.

Head over to Berner International’s website to learn more about their open positions. Call 724-658-3551 with any questions.

JobsNOW is a joint initiative between WKBN and the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber.

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