Italian Festival attendees find cars dented in Warren parking garage

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WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Nearly half a dozen cars were significantly damaged Sunday night following the end of the Warren Italian-American Festival.

According to several police reports, four teenagers can be seen on surveillance video from inside the Franklin Street parking deck, jumping up and down on roofs, hoods, and trunks of vehicles.

“The entire roof of the car is dented. The entire roof of my car,” Claire Gysegem said.

Crowd standing around Franklin Street parking garage in Warren

When she got into her car, she noticed something was off.

“I looked and it was just, the entire roof was caving in. So I get out and I look, and the entire top of my roof is dented.”

She said her tires were not slashed and her windows are intact.

Gysegem, who has been living in Courthouse Square for ten months, said Sunday night was the first time she’s ever parked her car in the garage.

After finding the damage, she and several others filed police reports.

Viewers sent WKBN photos from Sunday night via Report It. They show several people inside the garage as the festival was coming to a close.

“My neighbor called police because there were fights, a lot of marijuana smoking, kids standing on cars. Nobody came and then an hour later, four cars were stepped on and trampled,” said business owner Greg Bartholomew.

Gysegem said it happens all the time.

“I think enough is enough and something needs to be done.”

Residents and business owners say it’s a garage that has seen vandalism problems from years, especially during the Italian Fest, even though security cameras are all around the building.

Now they’re calling for change.

“Just one person there until midnight or 11:30, you know? None of this would have even happened,” Bartholomew said.

“Warren does have its fair share of issues and it’s just really sad to me that, even surrounding events like this, that this is what I have. This is what I’m left with,” Gysegem said.


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