Hubbard family celebrates 4 years since adopting abused dog


HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – A Hubbard family celebrated a milestone Sunday, as the Kargakos’ adopted a pit bull named Petey four years ago this month.

WKBN introduced you to Petey in 2013 when humane agents found him duct-taped and starved outside a home on the south side.

Sunday, WKBN met up with Petey and his parents again. They say there’s a lot to be happy about — but a stark reality that needs to be remembered, too.

“He’s the greatest dog on Earth — he’s a daddy’s boy now,” Angelo Kargakos said. “He’s my shadow.”

“He lives with six other K9 brothers and sisters and two feline brothers and sisters,” said Litsa Kargakos.

Four years ago, it was a much different story.

Petey was living a nightmare, chained up without food or water in a backyard on the south side of Youngstown.

“He was completely emaciated,” Litsa said. “He was highly-heart-worm positive and his muzzle was duct taped as well.”

To make matters worse, Petey feared humans and became aggressive when they got close. That made adopting him difficult.

“He would try to bite me,” Angelo said. “He would growl and jump towards me.”

With lots of love and patience, Petey warmed up to Angelo and Litsa.

Now, on the outside, Petey seems completely normal. But the emotional scars of his abuse will never go away.

“It is a happy ending for Petey because he is in a loving home and he is happy,” Angelo said. “But he could never be a normal dog. We could never walk him in a park.”

“They suffer for this the rest of their lives,” Litsa said. “It’s not like they get rescued and everything’s perfect at that point. He’ll suffer psychologically until the day he dies.”


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