YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Before heading out the door to enjoy the summer sunshine, you might want to grab your sunglasses. But, are you wearing the right kind?

Joe Falleti is an optician at Eye Care Associates in Youngstown. He says patients always come in looking for a new pair of shades.

Sometimes, though, they don’t want to spend the extra money. But, Falleti always explains to them that paying a little more for your sunglasses is worth it.

Many people opt to buy sunglasses from gas stations or grocery stores because of the price, but what these pairs lack that the expensive ones don’t is actual protection for your eyes from the sun.

“[Eyes] not protected from these rays can cause cataracts, as well as mac-generation and in some cases, cancer,” Falleti said.

When you buy a more expensive pair of shades, the frames are sturdier and the lenses are harder to scratch. But most importantly, they protect your eyes from UV A and UV B rays, the most harmful rays the sun emits.

Falleti says to make sure your sunglasses are UV 400, which can be marked on some pairs with a little sticker.

He says to think of it like sunscreen, you would put it on before heading out in the sun.

To check and see if the pair you own is UV 400, local eye doctors have special machines that can read the lenses and tell if they have the right protection.