WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Dozens gathered at Courthouse Square in Warren Monday night to voice their opposition to the Senate health care bill.

The protest brought over 50 people, chanting, “Don’t take our health care away” over and over. They say they’re scared and uncertain.

“I’m here because I’m very scared of if this bill goes through, Trumpcare goes through, that it’s going to kill a lot of people,” said protester Olga Irwin.

Irwin is HIV positive and has been living with the disease for 20 years.

Her current benefits help cover the thousands of dollars worth of medications she takes each month. Under the proposed health care bill, she’d have to pay for many of those meds out-of-pocket.

That’s something she can’t afford to do.

“Once you miss a dose of HIV meds, you’re gonna be dead in about three, six months,” Irwin said.

Matthew Vinzant, who organized the rally with Valley Voices United for Change, said he’s heard stories like Irwin’s over the past several months.

“You cannot deny that people are concerned and when people are concerned, when people are worried and fearful, they will go into action.”

But he said that action can’t stop with Monday’s rally.

“We have to make sure that we continue to engage, continue to agitate, continue to keep the pressure going.”

Irwin urged others to join the protest against the proposed health care bill.

“Get up and speak. We need you. Some of these senior citizens, we need your voice.”

The Senate has to hold a procedural vote to move forward, most likely on Wednesday. Three Republican Senators said Monday that they’re voting “no.” Republicans can only afford two “no” votes.