Girlfriend says local tower worker who passed away was good, caring man


Eric Connors passed away after suffering a medical condition on the job in July.

eric connors, tri-county tower, youngstown ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The girlfriend of a tower worker with Tri-County Tower wants people to know how great of a man he was. 

Eric Connors passed away after suffering a medical condition on the job in July. 

Connors was working on a tower near the WKBN station as part of work being done to improve signal strength to WKBN and WYTV’s customers. 

While on the tower, Connors suffered from what his girlfriend says was an unknown and unexpected medical issue, causing him to lose consciousness. 

His co-workers worked quickly to call 911 and get him off the tower. 

“I really think that it was a very random medical incident. The doctor still hasn’t given it a diagnosis,” said Jennifer Skibo, Connors’ long-time girlfriend. 

Once Connors was taken to the hospital, there wasn’t much doctors could do. 

On August 1, he passed away.

“Had him on a breathing tube, but the brain damage because of lack of oxygen… There was just too much brain damage, there was no coming back from that,” Skibo said.


She says Connors loved what he did and was an amazing man who loved to be outdoors. 

eric connors, tri-county tower, youngstown ohio

“He was not afraid ever, he was never afraid of heights ever… He wanted to be up there with the helicopter, and he wanted to talk to the helicopter pilot to see if he could teach him how to fly a helicopter,” she said. 

The helicopter she is referring to is one that replaced the antenna on WKBN’s tower in August. Although Connors is no longer here, his co-workers made sure he was remembered. 

The day the helicopter came, Connors’ co-workers placed his gear on the truck and flew his flag at the top of the tower in his memory. Skibo was also invited to come see the antenna replacement. 

She said he was a very intelligent, caring and hardworking man who will be remembered and missed by many. 

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