Former drug addict finds success through East Liverpool program

Glen McMillin, Jr. and Josh Lytle

Glen McMillin, Jr. battled drug addiction for 17 years. During the summer of 2017, he had to be revived three times in a six-week span.

“The doctors had sat me down and had a pretty sobering conversation with me. They told me they could no longer bring me back,” he said. “They wouldn’t be able to again. The last time, I believe, it took five or seven shots of Narcan to bring me back.”

His life completely changed, however, when he met Josh Lytle, the president of Family Care Ministries.

He’s now eight months sober.

“I believe that it was meeting with Josh, and seeing someone that is a lot like myself, and him telling me his story, and knowing how far out he was, and knowing that he made it and the hope that I saw in him, that he inspired me,” he said.

Family Care Ministries opened about a year and a half ago. Since then, it has been able to help at least 30 people get and stay sober.

“There’s a sense of hope that’s starting to rise in the community, and because of that, a whole lot more people reach out for help,” Lytle said.

Lytle said they’re encountering 75 to 85 people a week, whether they meet them in jails, hospitals or during ride-alongs with the Drug Task Force to the home of an overdose.

“I think they see someone like me who had their same past — that once was a heroin addict and just destroyed my life and everybody around me — and they see you changed, and they start to believe, ‘Maybe I can have that, too,'” he said.

Now McMillin is inspiring that same kind of hope in others.

“There’s probably been at least 10 or 15 that have seen his testimony, like on Family Care’s page,” Lytle said. “People are just like, ‘I know him. I knew that guy. I know what he was, and if he can do it, maybe there’s hope for us.'”

East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane said he believes that it’s their success stories that make all of the difference.

For more information on Family Care Ministries, call 330-368-0725 or go to

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