YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Over the next year, $10,000 will be spent to replace or add to the rose garden at Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park.

Those who work on the garden say it’s the biggest transformation since the first roses were planted in 1963.

“We decided to replace a lot of the roses that we lost over the past three years here due to the hard winters … two winters or so ago we had some drastically cold temperatures,” said Andrew Pratt, director of Fellows Riverside Gardens.

A lot of roses have been planted, the count is around 400.

“We’ll be busy this fall into the spring. This fall we’re expecting to get 160 or so roses in and then throughout the summer, next year as well, we’ll be adding quite a few more,” Pratt said.

Dennis Penner, the supervisor of Fellows Riverside Gardens, said the garden won’t look too different when the planting is finished.

“It will be filled in where we have blank spots. We had some roses that we just can’t get anymore. So where the beds are pretty empty, we will pull those and fill them up with most of the bigger beds. There are 40 roses in a bed, so we would get 40 of a particular variety,” Penner said.

He added that people will be able to see different varieties of roses in addition to the ones previously planted.

“When they have the American Rose Society program, where we get the rose of the year, we get a dozen of them. One or two of them really stood out and I’d like to fill the bed out with those same roses,” Penner said.

But to the average person walking through the garden, they might not see the difference.

“Not unless they’re into roses. If they know varieties and what we have, they will notice a difference. But as far as just walking through, it’s going to be more the same, only different varieties,” Penner said.

He also said this will be the biggest transformation the rose garden has seen since he’s been supervisor.

“I’ve been here about 10 years. Yeah, normally we’d replace a couple dozen in a year,” Penner said.

The gardening is expected to start within the next couple of weeks and should be completed sometime next summer.