Fans greet LeBron James as he comes home to Akron


AKRON, Ohio (WKBN) – The championship that LeBron promised when he returned to Cleveland also meant so much to his hometown of Akron, who waited to greet him when he returned home Monday.

Cavs fans were “all in” for the celebration, and Lebron made the wait special, stopping to greet the fans who knew him first and have been behind him the longest.

“That was pretty crazy. I have a reason to be happy I’m in Cleveland now, so I like it. We have a reason to party,” Ramon Bardo said.Photos: LeBron returns to Akron with Finals win

Among the fans enjoying LeBron’s MVP performance was Christine Jakiela-Myers, who lived in Liberty for ten years. As a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, this is her second title in two weeks.

“Just LeBron winning is even exciting. I mean, Pittsburgh has been the city of champions for years. Being born and raised there, I have that championship ideal in me,” she said.

An overflow of signs welcomed LeBron back to the neighborhood. Tired of screaming and cheering at their televisions, the fans were glad to see the MVP in person so he could hear them.

“Just worked so hard and made sure they were able to bring it home to Akron and Cleveland, finally,” Hannah Jones said.

The Beacon Journal headline read “Won For All,” ending 52 years without a championship for Cleveland’s major sports teams, but also leaving fans wanting more.

“I hope so. We’ll see what happens but I’m at least glad I got to experience this one,” Jen Brenstuhl said.

Bri Michaels agrees.

“More would be amazing, but I’ll take one. One is better than none.”

When LeBron stepped out of the van, he told fans he is just a kid who grew up in Akron. Then he said he was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.

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