Family member stumbles upon mountain of grave site arrangements in Youngstown cemetery


In a mountain of trash, flowers and arrangements, you can see items that say “mom” or “dad.”

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Every cemetery has rules and regulations when it comes to disposing of arrangements. But it’s not the rules that have some people concerned, it’s the way the cemetery is disposing of items.

Tod Homestead Cemetery has been a part of Youngstown since it was established in 1908. It is owned by a non-profit organization that has serviced hundreds of families in the area. 

The cemetery has specific rules.

From May 1 to October 1, no artificial arrangements are allowed on grave sites. This includes artificial flowers, statues, wreaths, crosses, etc. If these items are left, the cemetery will remove them. 

It isn’t this rule that has some family members concerned, though. It was how the cemetery disposed of the items. 

In the far end of the cemetery, there is an outside area where they’re dumped. 

In a mountain of trash, flowers and arrangements, you can see items that say “mom” or “dad.” There are stones with messages on them and teddy bears.

One woman who did not wish to go on camera said she stumbled across the dumping grounds when she went searching for an engraved arrangement that was missing from a grave site. She said what she saw disturbed her.

She didn’t understand why these items are dumped outside as opposed to being thrown into a trash can or dumpster.We did reach out to Tod Cemetery but they declined an interview and did not wish to make a statement. They did say their rules on arrangements are listed on their website and on a sign in the cemetery.

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