Youngstown drinking water bill voted down once again

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Youngstown voters have spoken and decided on a water protection bill Tuesday.


The Youngstown Drinking Water Protection Bill of Rights has been failed after majority of residents voted no. 

This bill has failed multiple times before. This time it failed with 56 percent of voters saying no.

The amendment aimed to:

  • Recognize certain rights of Youngstown residents and of “ecosystems and natural communities within the city” to “clean water, air and soil” and to be free from certain fossil-fuel drilling and extraction activities
  • Require the city to prosecute violations of the amendment and allow the city to recover attorney fees and expert costs incurred in prosecuting violations
  • Impose strict liability on any government or corporation that violates the rights established by the amendment
  • Restrict the use of funds allocated to the city’s water and sewer infrastructure
  • Give the people of Youngstown the right “to compel their governments to protect their rights, health and safety”

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