YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Three Youngstown City Council candidates will appear on their respective wards’ ballots in November.

Second Ward

Former Youngstown city police chief and incumbent councilman Jimmy Hughes has received the Democratic nomination for Second Ward councilman.

If elected in November, he will serve a second term in office after defeating primary opponent Ra’Cole Taltoan a second time.

According to unofficial returns, 58% of voters favored Hughes on the ballot.

“Halfway through, we only had about 40 people voting, and that was frightening,” Hughes said. “But more and more, I saw my constituents coming out, and I was proud and happy about that.”

Hughes said he brings decades of service in the city to the job and will work to make improvements to the ward.

“You want to walk out of your house and feel comfortable that you live on the East Side. You don’t want the East Side to be that part of Youngstown that’s not forgotten about by the administration. You want those things improved,” Hughes said.

Hughes will face independent candidates Benjamin Brown and Million Perry Phifer on the November ballot.

Fifth Ward

Incumbent councilman Pat Kelly has received the Democratic nomination to represent the Fifth Ward with 75% of the vote, according to unofficial returns.

Kelly was appointed in January to succeed former Councilwoman Lauren McNally, who is now a state representative.

“I know what our problems are in the Fifth Ward — and when I say ‘our problems,’ I mean my wife and I and our kids’ — but I don’t know what everybody else’s problems are,” Kelly said.

Kelly is a former Campbell police chief and the security chief for the Youngstown School District, and he has more than 30 years in law enforcement.

“I have to listen to what the problems are before I can help out,” Kelly said. “Whoever didn’t [vote for me], I hope I can work to get your vote in November.”

Kelly will face independent candidates Linsey Bonnette and Richard Yaslik in the November election.

Sixth Ward

Incumbent Councilwoman Anita Davis has lost the Democratic nomination to former Councilwoman Janet Tarpley for the Sixth Ward.

According to unofficial returns, Tarpley won the nomination with 50.34% of the vote. Provisional ballots have yet to be counted and could change the outcome of the close race.

Tarpley has had several failed political runs in the past, but has also served as Sixth Ward councilwoman from 2008-2015.

Tarpley said she would like to support the students and help them achieve things such as signage for the school.

Tarpley will face independent candidate Cheryl Findley on the November ballot.

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