HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The candidates for U.S. Senate voted Tuesday at the polls.

Ohio Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and Valley native Tim Ryan voted in Howland Tuesday morning with his family.

Ryan just finished up his 18-month campaign, visiting all 88 Ohio counties. He said the Valley holds a special place in his heart.

“It’s home, and the best part of the campaign really has been meeting people who are just like us. Different town names, you know, different cities, different jobs, different names, but the people are the people,” said Ryan.

Ryan’s Republican opponent is JD Vance, who voted Tuesday morning in Cincinnati.

Monday night, Vance held a rally with former President Donald Trump in Dayton. He said he believes that it helped reinforce that the Republican Party can take back the country.

“I think the rally did help us. I mean, the big thing we hope to get out of it is just to boost turnout. I mean, I think we’re in a position where we’ll win this race as long as people get out there and vote. People just aren’t happy with the direction of the Biden Administration,” Vance said.