(WKBN) – Election Day is less than a week away, and the voting process is more than just one’s civic duty.

For people with disabilities, it’s an opportunity to be heard and seen. It can also be an intimidating process.

According to Disability Rights Ohio, those with disabilities have several rights when it comes to voting.

It reminds voters that they have the right to vote curbside if they cannot enter a polling location due to their disability. They also have the right to take as long as they need to vote and receive help from a poll worker if they need it.

“A person with a disability has a right to bring a friend, or a family member, or an advocate along with them to help them use the voting machine, answer any questions they have,” said Kevin Truitt of Disability Rights of Ohio.

Voters can call Disability Rights Ohio Monday through Friday leading up to election day on Tuesday.

It will also have a voter hotline on election day from the time polls open to closing time to answer any questions or concerns. It can be reached at 614-466-7264.