LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Of the roughly 11 issues on the ballot in Mahoning County in May, just two school districts are asking for additional funding –Lowellville and Struthers.

Administrators in the Lowellville Schools are hoping the second time is the charm for approving a new levy for permanent improvements for this district

A bond issue was approved in Lowellville 20 years ago that resulted in the construction of a new K-12 campus. That bond issue is going to expire soon and now the board is asking voters to pass a five-year, 4 mill permanent improvement levy that will essentially replace that bond issue that built and provided maintenance for the building.

“It’s gonna read that it’s an additional levy. It’s additional funds, but in turn, it’s actually a replacement of the original bond issue,” said Superintendent Dr. Geno Thomas.

The issue will appear on the May ballot and would bring in $200,000 a year if approved. It would cost the owner of a $50,000 home about 80 cents a month less than what they are paying now and can only be used for improvements.

“Similar to how you own a house and over the years you have to do maintenance and updates on it. Same thing with a school building,” said Brian Schiraldi, Lowellville treasurer.

The Struthers School District is also asking voters to approve a levy. It used a similar bond issue as Lowellville two build a new high school 20 years ago.

They are now asking for a five-year, 2.8 mill permanent improvement levy. It will generate $400,000 per year, costing the owner of a $100,000 home about $98 per year.

“It should essentially be the same. It’s the same millage, so it should essentially just replace what they are already paying,” said Ryan Cene, Struthers treasurer.

Administrators say if the levy passes, the list of improvements would include the roof of the high school field house.

“At this point, your buildings are 20 years old. Roofs, carpet, general maintenance, as you would think of your house, needs updated,” said Superintendent Pete Pirone.