Voters in Niles shoot down school levy again

After two recent levies on the ballot failed, Niles tried a new approach

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) - Voters rejected a substitute levy for Niles Schools on Tuesday.


The Niles School District has been trying to pass a levy. Voters rejected levies this past May and last November.

This time, the district tried a new approach.

The substitute levy would have combined two emergency levies into one. The emergency renewal levies are both worth $1.3 million, making the continuous substitute levy $2.6 million.

Some in Niles worried this would mean more money would come out of their pockets. The levy committee has said that wouldn't have happened.

A continuous levy would have meant voters wouldn't see those two emergency levies ever again. With the substitute levy, the schools would have gotten extra money if residents decide to renovate their home or if a new business builds in the district.

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