WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Officials with the Trumbull County Board of Elections said voter turnout for the May 4 primary election was the lowest they’ve seen in more than a decade.

Only 8.8% of the 48,779 registered voters eligible to participate cast their ballots.

The single-digit number is the lowest Trumbull County has seen in at least 15 years.

The previous low for voter turnout was around 14%.

“I think even though the world seems so politicized right now, people just don’t think of these local races as important as the presidential or the governor when these are the people who decide your everyday life,” said Trumbull County Board of Elections Director Stephanie Penrose.

Penrose believes a lack of apathy could be to blame for more people not showing up to vote.

Below is a breakdown of voter turnout in Trumbull County by precinct. Precincts in Liberty and Bazetta had a higher turnout, but just around 16%, while precincts in Warren and Niles had a turnout around 3%.

Primary/Special Election Ballot - 1
Primary/Special Election Ballot - 2
Primary/Special Election Ballot - 3
Primary/Special Election Ballot - 4