Struthers’ 2 mayoral candidates believe in the future of their city

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Cat Cercone Miller and Bob Carcelli are very different but believe the main issues are the same

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – Struthers is electing a new mayor next week. The two candidates are very different but believe the main issues are the same. They also believe the city can have a big future.

Cat Cercone Miller called running for Struthers mayor her dream job.

She’s a 2001 graduate of the high school and has worked the last five years as a secretary to the law director and prosecutor.

“This is a very critical time for our city and if we don’t get the right person, I’m actually scared what’s going to happen to Struthers,” Cercone Miller said.

Bob Carcelli spent 24 years on city council, including a pair as president.

He’s been off for a dozen years, but wants to jump back into city politics.

“I want to be able to give them something in a decent town to raise their kids in,” Carcelli said.

He feels there has been too much wasted opportunity in the city. He believes the industrial riverfront should be thriving.

“Forty-two years, the steel mills have closed and we’re sitting here with empty land, with no jobs,” Carcelli said.

Cercone Miller is the first woman to run for mayor of Struthers. She beat a 12-year veteran of council in the primary and now she wants to help shape the city’s future.

“Getting more businesses here, taking care of our school system,” she said. “We need to be one and not two separate entities. And taking care of the blight.”

Both candidates believe the problem of absentee landlords should be addressed, the schools need more help and that the city can overcome its problems through its number one asset.”

“The more you get out there and meet with different people and really sell them on the idea of Struthers, if we get them here, the people will sell it for us,” Cercone Miller said.

“What’s good about Struthers is we have the best people here in the world,” Carcelli said.

Current Mayor Terry Stocker did not run for reelection. He’s been Struthers mayor for 12 years.

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